Sociale determinationsfaktorer

Free will and determinism

Compatibilism, the idea that free will is compatible with a strict causal determinism.
van Inwagen 1983: An Essay on Free Will,

A Taxonomy of Free Will Positions 

Technological Determinism

Does Technology Drive History? - The Dilemma of Technological Determinism
Leo Marx and Merritt Roe Smith
... Thirteen essays: To what extent, and by what means, does a society's technology determine its political, social, economic, and cultural forms?

Bruce Bimber,
Richard W. Bulliet,
Robert L. Heilbroner,
Thomas P. Hughes,
Leo Marx,
Thomas J. Misa,
Peter C. Perdue,
Philip Scranton,
Merritt Roe Smith,
Michael L. Smith,
John M. Staudenmaier,
Rosalind Williams

Resistance to change

Men, Machines, and Modern Times, 50th Anniversary Edition
Elting E. Morison 2016. Foreword by Rosalind Williams. With Leo Marx
... Morison considers, among other things, the three stages of users' resistance to change: ignoring it; rational rebuttal; and name-calling. 
... Morison offers an entertaining series of historical accounts to highlight his major theme: the nature of technological change and society's reaction to that change.

The three stages of users' resistance to change 
Ignoring it; rational rebuttal; and name-calling.

Resistance to change: the rest of the story - Laurie Ford 2008

Evolve! - Succeeding in the Digital Culture of Tomorrow
Rosabeth Moss Kanter 2001 ... 
... ways that companies can acquire a competitive e-culture ...
... om en fremvoksende e-kultur, der bliver styrende for økonomien i det 21 århundrede

Culture and determination

Analyzing Marx - Morality, Power and History
Richard W. Miller 1984
... derives important arguments about the rational basis of morality, the nature of power, ... ... 
Miller, Richard W. (2010). Globalizing Justice: The Ethics of Poverty and Power. Oxford University Press.

Analytical Marxism  
G.A. Cohen, whose Karl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence (1978) helped start this school.
Wright, Erik Olin; Levine, Andrew; Sober, Elliott (1992). Reconstructing Marxism: Essays on Explanation and Theory of History. London: Verso.